Cellular Light Weight Concrete

( Cellular Light Weight Concrete is the injection material for the void filling )
Cellular Light Weight Cement ,CLC is the replaced material of concrete or mortar for the purpose to decrease the structure weight while maintain the loading capacity. Besides of weight decreasing, CLC also has higher flow than concrete, mortar, or sand which is the most appropriate to use in compacting for the void filling as follows;
1) Void filling under the building, factory, or warehouse to prevent and resolve the issue of
1.1) garbage that gathers under the building
1.2) groundwater, raindrops, or wastewater from the building which may flow to gather under the building that would become the pathogen sources
1.3) poisonous animals, contagious animals, pets to live under the building
2) Increase the loading capacity and stability to the floor and building structure
3) Decrease the vibration of the floor and the structure that supports the machine weight

void good Advantages of working with Cellular Light Weight Concrete

  1.  No need for the mixture of aggregates material that causes the separation, sedimentation, oozing, and slumping
  2. Closed and discontinuous air cavity that makes mortar cement to remain the ability of weight loading
  3. Can be pumped through conveying tube for more than 100 meters without losing any volume
  4. Light weighted, easy to use, and does not increase load to structure or soil
  5. Not fragile compared with general cement which is able to support vibration from roaming weight
  6. Remove easier than cement or concrete in case the removal is necessary
  7. Low heat transferring rate, soundproof, and low water absorption
  8. Can be flowed in without any strokes
  9. Can be sued as the Embankment to decrease subsidence, grinding time, and no Side Slope
Light Weight Concrete has the mixture rate of mortar and foam at 1 cubic meter that there must be the type 1 or 3 Portland cement more than 300 kilograms. Foam Generator must mix water, Foaming Agent and internal air continuously with automatic system in order to control the Light Weight Concrete quality. The material mixture in condensed liquid state must not separate or be sediment and oozed. It must have good flow state that could flow to fill the void thoroughly

Material property

1. More than 3,000 Kpa or 30 Ksc Compressive strengh at 28 days
2. Dry Density : 1,300-1,400 kg/m3 ( Light Weight Cement Grouting example work )

Light weight Cement Grouting

Light Weight Cement Grouting Procedures

Void filling method01

Locate and drill concrete with the dimension of Ø 2” 

Void filling method2
Install tools and equipment, for example, cement pump, wind pump, foam bubble generator, and electrical power generator.
Void filling method3
Install cables and materials grouting head whereas materials grouting uses approximate pressure of 2,000-3,000 PSI
Void filling method04
Cement and Foam Bubble Mixing
Foam bubble obtained from Foam Bubble generator will be mixed with cement based on specified ratio whereas such ratio depends on application of area and demanded Compressive Strength. Properties of foam bubble and cement paste will be inspected in all processes.
Void filling method5

วัสดุจะถูกอัดจนกว่าจะกระจายตัวเต็มพื้นที่ โดยจะสามารถสังเกตได้จากหลุมเจาะข้างเคียง หรือสังเกตจากแรงดันที่เกิดขึ้นที่ Pressure Gauge


Void Filling & Light Weight Cement