Structure repairing

  • 1.1 Structure reinforcement by using Carbon Fiber is the method that used to increase loading capacity and resolve the over bent issue by External Bonded Reinforcement with “Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer: CFRP”
  • 1.2 Reinforced concrete repairing work is the repairing of corrosion, worn, or cracked concrete from the structure age, undersea structure, or the structure which is contacted with the chemical substances
  • 1.3 Repairing structure cracks by using Epoxy & PU Resin Injection method is the repairing of cracked concrete on the concrete structure to weld the concretes and restore the loading capacity of the structure
  • 1.4 Sealing leakages by using PU Foam Injection is the concrete repairing which has water leakages through the concrete structure by injecting PU Foam into the cavity or leaking point