Insulation of Rigid Polyurethane Foam

is the heat-cold insulation which is created from Hydroxyl group (Polyol) with Dimethyl dissocyanate compounds by blowing to gather as foam which has the Closed Cell structure that the closeness of the hard foam is more than 90% per volume so that the water and steam absorption is low. Inside the cell, there is a Fluorocarbon composite which has the heat transferring state lower than the air that could reduce the heat well while also decrease the noise. Rigid Polyurethane Foam is installed by spraying to the material such as metals, woods, bricks, concretes, tiles, glasses, and plastics then it will blended adhere to the material.

The foam thickness can be determined as required that is appropriate for the installation under the roof, on the roof, under the building floor, cold storage industry, or the industry that requires temperature control etc.,

ฉนวนกันความร้อน โพลียูรีเทนโฟม ( Rigid Polyurethane Foam )

P.U. Foam

Benefits from using Rigid P.U. Foam

1 Most efficient heat-cold prevention which could deflect heat from the room for more than 90%, K-Factor = 0. 017 ~ 0.024 W/MK which is very low, close to the vacuum, that cause the P.U. Foam unable to transfer the heat from a place to another.

2 Water leaking due to the closed cell property which has the water leaking value less than 2% then water, humidity, and steam would flow to other sections then there is no fungi, bacteria, and musty smells. It is able to be sprayed under the floor in order to prevent the humidity rises up to the floor

3 Acid & Base Resistant P.U. Foam is not dissolved in Acid-Base, alcohol, or engine oil so this is resisted the damages from mentioned substances.

4 Fire Resistant P.U. Foam is a flammable insulation that is self-extinguished because the mixing of fore resistant agent for 15% then this is not a fuel in the fire incident

5 Non-toxic Irritant due to the solid insulation which has no acid-base or any solvents to change the stage from solid to liquid then there is no irritant or allergy substances like fiberglass or asbestos which could worn into dusts

6 Vermin Resistant the mixture is developed that vermin hates so they would not build nests or destroy insulations there.


7 Light weight & Strength that the foam with dimension of 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 inch would be less than 1 kilogram then this would not increase the loading weight on the structure or the base and also can bear the pressing force for 2.20 kilograms

8 Easy to Install in Polyurethane insulation spraying, the foam needs only 3 seconds to be set and hardened within only 20 seconds without hours waiting and this is able to be sprayed under the roof, on the roof, under the foundation floor, and stick with any materials

9 Not Pack Down because of the 35-50 kilogram per cubic meters density which is rigid, non-decay, and able to forming shapes according to the spraying material as the roof carvings or any shapes that make this insulation to be tough, Not Pack Down, and beautiful

10 Noise inhibiting because many Air Gaps that could decrease noise conveying or decrease sound volume about 70 decibels

11 Condensation control Polyurethane foam would be the separator that splits heat and cold to each side that prevent the condensation which is appropriate with the chilling room and refrigerators

12 Energy saving can prevent the leading and spreading infrared from the outside to the roof and walls for more than 90% that could decrease temperature for more than 20°c (depends on the environment too)) that would needs no air conditioner or if the air conditioner was used, the room will become cool faster so the energy and electric bill would be saved for more than 50%