Structure repairing

1.1 Structure reinforcement by using Carbon Fiber is the method that used to increase loading capacity and resolve the over bent issue by External Bonded Reinforcement with “Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer: CFRP”
1.2 Reinforced concrete repairing work is the repairing of corrosion, worn, or cracked concrete from the structure age, undersea structure, or the structure which is contacted with the chemical substances
1.3 Repairing structure cracks by using Epoxy & PU Resin Injection method is the repairing of cracked concrete on the concrete structure to weld the concretes and restore the loading capacity of the structure
1.4 Sealing leakages by using PU Foam Injection is the concrete repairing which has water leakages through the concrete structure by injecting PU Foam into the cavity or leaking point


Concrete floor repairing and coating

There are many material to choose for concrete floor repairing and coating depend on the utility of the mentioned area

2.1 Epoxy flooring work Epoxy Resin is used in concrete repairing and coating

-coat the entire concrete or wet concrete before using Epoxy to coat
- prevent temporary humidity on new concrete or moist concrete surface
- well endured to the impacts and scratches, humidity resistance
- prevent small cracks and decrease pressures of soil humidity
- Many colors to choose (according to the Color Chart)

2.2 PU flooring

PU flooring work in repairing and coating concrete surface with Polyurethane when these three parts are mixed to “Polyurethane floor coating material”, this will have the characteristics of impact, friction, and forklift roaming resistance and also endure the heat at +140 ˚C and cold temperature at -40 ˚C. Moreover, Silver Nano is able to mix as the special coating to prevent bacteria to make the “Anti-bacterial Floor”

2.3 Anti-Static Epoxy flooring

Anti-Static Epoxy flooring work Anti-Static (Anti-Static Floor) is the special Epoxy floor that the Anti-Static value range is 106-108 ohms which has the characteristic to resist the static electricity by leading the electric current to the ground and prevent the static electricity current from the people in the operation or in the working environment that could make an ignition with the electronic devices. Anti-Static floor which is highly appropriate to install in the Electronic factory floor, Electrical circuit manufacturing factory, or even the production plants, cleanroom floors that control the amount of dusts.

2.4 Chemical resistance Epoxy flooring

Chemical resistance Epoxy flooring work can use with high chemical resistance coating. The area that commonly used this coatings are tanks, floors, walls, water treatment plant, chemical mixing area, battery liquid filling area, and chemical production plants by using along with fiberglass or other materials for the strength reinforcement


Sealing work is the sealing system for roof, terrace, including underground level of the house and factory by using various type of sealing material to install in the area that needs to be sealed further or even when the current water leakage issue that needs to be repaired to resolve the leakage problem and prevent the damages which may occur to the concrete structures, decrease the concrete floor cracking from the concrete shrinkages or inflations, and extend the usage time. There are many causes of leakage such as structural joints, incorrect concrete mixtures that create cavities in concrete contents, holes and cracks of the structure from the material drilling or worn concrete from hard or incorrect usage.
There are many materials to use depend on the usage and area type as follows;
3.1 Crystalize Waterproof; suits for water tank seal
3.2 Polyurethane Waterproof suits for terrace seal that can endure the puddle for more than 10 days and prevent water leaks
3.3 Acrylic Waterproof; terrace seal, wall crack repairing
3.4 Ceramic Heat Proof; roof seal including heat deflection and prevent wall leaks
3.5 Pure Polyuria Waterproof; the current best terrace seal with 20-50 years usage time, UV resistant that could use in tank coating


Concrete path surface repairing

4.1 concrete surface repairing by using jackhammering-pouring method is the damaged concrete path surface repairing by jackhammering the mentioned surface then pouring the replaced Rapid Strength Cementitious Precision Mortar which is the special mixed Non-shrink Grout cement with high load capacity within few hours (2-4 hours)

4.2 concrete surface repairing by using jackhammering-plastering is the concrete surface repairing that is damaged from the environment and the usage that causes the surface structure to be damaged at the area that requires high and fast loads such as roads, bridge floors, factory floors, airport floors, piles, pile foundations, or bridge beam’s foundation. The using material is the special customized cement which has the composition of cement, modified polymers, fiber, silica fume, and sand that could bear high pressure with good adhesive. This could be plastered for 3-5 cm. thickness in one round which suits for the surface repairing that needs extra high pressure load capacity.


Concrete Repair